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Kabaddi is one of the most popular and ancient team games, including wrestling and tag elements. The Kabaddi involves 2 teams of seven players. The game’s goal is for the attacker (raider) to enter the other team’s territory and touch as many defenders as possible after returning to his territory. At the same time, it is forbidden for the defenders of the opposite team to capture the player. The raider completes the task in one breath and shouts Kabaddi at the same time. Today, many fans not only enjoy playing online but also place bets. In Bangladesh, you can bet on your favorite team at Mostbet bookmaker. Also here you can make a bet online on Kabaddi in the national currency Taka (BTD). In return, the bookmaker offers favorable odds and fair instant payouts.

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Major League

Major Kabaddi Leagues is the professional men’s League of kabaddi in India. It originates in 2014 and is regularly broadcast on sports channels. The last season 8 of the League was supposed to start in December 2021, however, due to Covid-19, the sporting event had to be canceled. The Major League rules of 2022 are similar to the indoor Kabaddi rules. But some differences provide for a set of additional points.

In the League take part 8 international teams, each of which consists of 14 players. Between the teams are organized competitions, according to the results of which the 4 strongest representatives of different countries are selected. Finally, after a series of competitions, the best team is determined.

The Pro Kabaddi League made a splash, since the beginning of the first season the number of fans has increased several times, as well as those who want to bet on them in online casinos.

Major League Kabaddi

Kabaddi Leagues Odds

Name VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Major League Kabaddi Yuva Kabaddi Monsoon Edition
Odds on Mostbet 67.5-70.5 94.5 79.5
  • Bengal Warriors
  • Bengaluru Bulls
  • Dabang Delhi K.C.
  • Gujarat Giants
  • Haryana Steelers
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers
  • Patna Pirates
  • Puneri Paltan
  • Tamil Thalaivas
  • Telugu Titans
  • U Mumba
  • U.P. Yoddhas
  • Panthers Steelers
  • Warriors Alligators
  • Steelers Pirates
  • Bulls Warriors
  • Alligators Panthers
  • Warriors Pirates
  • Hampi Heroes
  • Murthal Magnets
  • Kaziranga Rhinos
  • Aravalli Arrows
  • Periyar Panthers
  • Vijayanagara Veers
  • Maratha Marvels

Best Bets at Mostbet

Today, Mostbet bookmaker offers the most favorable betting conditions among similar online casinos and bookmakers. The benefit to the player is as follows:

  • The presence of a convenient bonus system that allows you to increase the deposit for Kabaddi betting.
  • High odds on all proposed sports, regardless of the rank of the sporting event: championship, League, or the game of ordinary teams.
  • Instant payouts with no additional fees. The commission can be withdrawn only by the payment system chosen by the user.
  • The presence of an application on IOS / Android so that it is even easier to follow the results of matches.
  • The presence of a wide rates line.

Each player highlights their advantages and why Mostbet bets are the most profitable.

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Tips on How to Bet in Kakadabi and Win

It is not enough just to register and bet money on the first team in Kabaddi Mostbet. To place a bet and win, you need to analyze the teams: their strengths and weaknesses, the number of successful matches played, how many games have been played over the past few months, etc. the collected data will help to choose a team that has a great chance of winning. To facilitate the task of making a decision, we offer simple tips on how to place bets and win at Mostbet. In addition, the Most bet bookmaker provides quotes based on analysts’ conclusions about which team will win.

  1. Bet on the absolute winner. It is especially true for tournaments in the Pro Kabaddi League. You are betting on which team will definitely win. It is a challenging decision. You need to understand which teams are participating in the match and tournament for the correct bet. The proposed odds will reveal the secret of who the bookmaker considers the favorite.
  2. Bet on the best raider. Bets are accepted on the player (forward) who will surpass all opponents participating in the match. Within the game, you can bet on all the raiders of one team or a specific player. The best raiders will likely have the lowest odds of performing well. In addition, you can bet on a player who is not very famous but gives excellent game results. We recommend making a winning bet, although the winnings will be small.
  3. They are the best defenders. The defensive team also scores points by preventing the invader (raider) from returning to their half of the field. Many players perform these functions very well. Bets are accepted on the team of defenders as a whole or a specific player. Before placing a bet, check out the rating of players this season.
  4. Bet on the team that will score 15 points in the first half. This bet is intended for serious players. The bet is accepted in major league matches. To make the right decision and further victory, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players. Then place a bet.
  5. Side bets like double chance, total over/under, super total, handicap, etc. Money is offered in real-time. To win, you must carefully monitor the game and predict the outcome of events in advance. For example, if a weak team player or a player after an injury is working.

Thus, to avoid losing a perfect bet, it is necessary to follow the exact logic. It is impossible to predict the event 100%. It is the complexity of the Kabaddi game. Do not listen to intuition and tempt fate. Study the teams, especially their shortcomings, listen to the opinions of analysts and experienced betting players, and only then make a deposit and bet.

Pros and Cons of the Game Kabaddi

Pros Cons
  • An exciting game with a large number of different sports bets.
  • Gaining more popularity in Asian countries, Bangladesh, etc.
  • High odds for betting.
  • Pretty simple game rules.
  • A large selection of teams.
  • The presence of various sporting events such as the Major League and the possibility of Kabaddi betting Mostbet in real-time.
  • It is easy to understand the features of rates in Kabaddi.
  • It is difficult to predict the outcome of a sporting event.
  • You need to understand the sport and the current players for Kabaddi betting.
  • Intuitive bets are likely to lead to a loss.
  • Few matches compared to football or basketball.
  • Most bets are accepted on over/under or total.
  • Players often get injured, which sharply changes the course of events in the game.
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