How To Bet On Kabaddi in Bangladesh

Kabaddi is a relatively new sport that is gaining popularity in Bangladesh and other Asian countries. The game originated in India and internationally. The first game was held in Dhaka in 1985. Today, many Kabaddi betting sites offer the opportunity to enjoy the game and bet money on your favorite team. The bookmaker Mostbet offers users from Bangladesh favorable odds, and bets are accepted in the national currency – Taka (BDT).

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Rules of the game

Gamblers of online casinos or bookmakers should understand the Kabaddi rules and place bets. The principle of Kabaddi is as follows:

  1. There are two teams in the ring. Each team consists of 12 players, 7 of which are game participants.
  2. Matches are held by age and weight categories.
  3. Six officials monitor the course of the match. It is a referee, a secretary, two assistants, and two judges.
  4. The game is played in two halves with an interval of 20 minutes. The performers are also given a break of five minutes.
  5. A coin toss determines which team will raid first. The same team starts the game with a raid in the second half.
  6. A raid is performed on one breath. The player runs towards the enemy, marks one or more people on the enemy team, then returns to his field to complete the raid. When returning to his field, the player can take a second breath.
  7. The player keeps shouting “Kabaddi” during the raid to prove that no extra breath was taken. Failure to comply with this condition means the performer returns to his field without a point earned, and the opponent receives a point for a well-executed defense in the game.
  8. The team being raided is defending. The players are trying to do everything so they are not marked by the raider and the raider has yet to return to the middle lane. The defensive team also receives a point if the opponent made a mark, but his return to the middle line is prevented. Raiders are allowed to be grabbed by the limbs or by the torso. Catching a raider by the head, hair or clothes is forbidden.
  9. Defenders are prohibited from crossing the center line.
  10. The player is removed from the playing field in several cases: if the raider has completed his task and the performer is marked, then he leaves; the player has gone out of bounds; a captured raider cannot return to the team within one breath; if the raider, after three attempts, could not make a mark and return to the team.
  11. Retired players never change substitute players. The team can only return a team member by earning points.
  12. Both teams raid and defend in turn order. The change of roles takes place after the end of the half.
  13. In each half, the teams change position.
  14. The game continues until the time runs out.
  15. The winner is the team that scores the most points in the entire match.

As you can see, Kabaddi has simple rules. Predicting the outcome of a match is difficult. That is why it is interesting to bet Kabaddi. The game is quite addictive and fun.

Why is Kabaddi popular for betting?

Kabaddi is a dynamic and exciting sport. It is enough better to understand the types and features of money bets. That is why performers prefer to bet directly on Kabaddi. Kabaddi betting are available regardless of the rank of a sporting event: a league or a tournament.

It would be best if you did analytics to get a win from a bet on Kabaddi. Regularly follow the ongoing matches, study popular teams, and identify strong and weak players. Research the actual bets and consider additional factors that affect the game’s outcome. Check the team news: maybe one of the players has recently received injuries/illnesses, or the team was often on the road. The presence/absence of star players plays a significant role.

Thus, many events affect the course of the sporting event on which you plan to bet money. Conducting an analysis will help you make the right decision and win by placing a bet. Therefore, Kabaddi has become a popular sport in betting.

How to bet on Kabaddi

So having an idea about the game and deciding to bet money, we explain what bets can be made.

  1. Match betting. It is the easiest and most advantageous option. Money is invested in which team will be the winner. You can bet money on Kabaddi Mostbet.
  2. Handicap betting. In Kabaddi, there are frequent cases when you can predict the favorite in advance. Therefore, a handicap in the number of points is offered to make the market attractive. For example, team A will get -3 points, team B +3 points. In this case, if you bet on team A, you can win the bet if, after subtracting 3 points, the team would remain the winner. If team B was chosen, you would be the winner if the team won and earned an additional 3 points.
  3. Over/under bet. It is also an easy way to bet. Here, money is placed on a score that will be more or less than the specified result. You can also bet on the number of raids, fouls, etc.
  4. Half bet. Such bets apply to individual rounds of the game. For example, you can bet which team will win the first half and which will win the second. It is a convenient form of betting if you know the team well. For example, performers may start quickly but soon get tired and lose the match or half.
  5. Bets on the outcome. These types of bets apply to the league or tournament as a whole. It determines which team will be the winner. Money can also be accepted here for which team will enter the top three. You should study the market and the current teams carefully to make a bet online on Kabaddi.
  6. Use of details. It is an exciting way to make money in betting. There are many types of bets. For example, you can choose which player will score first and which team will score last.
  7. Live bets. Bets are accepted already during the game. It makes watching Kabaddi more exciting. Odds are regularly updated based on game events. You can also bet on future events, for example, which player will earn points or who will be eliminated.

The licensed bookmaker Mostbet offers a large selection of sports betting, most importantly, a different option for betting in Kabaddi.

Kabaddi betting at Mostbet

Nowadays, there are a large number of different bookmakers or online casinos that accept sports betting. However, which of them should be trusted with money and winnings? Bangladeshi residents are offered a unique opportunity to become one of the Kabaddi bettors. Favorable conditions are carried out by the Kabaddi bookmaker Mostbet. High odds and many bets on the best leagues and famous playing teams are the key factors why you should contact us. All users are provided with instant payouts without the players’ additional costs.

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Kabaddi Betting Tips

Analysis of teams and players It is the most important part of betting before giving money for the victory of any team. It is necessary to analyze all its participants. The most common tournament is the Asian Games. The best performers play Kabaddi in the tournament. Before you bet money, you need to trace the teams’ previous games, defeats, and victories. Only then place a bet.
Calculate bid strategy Beginners can use simple bet types. Pros can go to a more challenging level by knowing the team’s players and choose a more motivated team by online Kabaddi betting on points earned or the best striker.
Maintaining statistics and tables During the match, the performer statistics and the team are always kept. Consider this information for further decision-making. It data can significantly affect your rate.
Give up the inner feeling Intuition is good if you support your favorite team. Only analytics works in sports betting, especially if you invest in real-time.
Use Kabaddi betting odds to your advantage Odds give an idea of a team, its likelihood, or potential winnings. Explore the different odds formats and place your bet based on the results. For example, a score of 1.50 indicates that the team has a 67% chance of winning. You can put money on this team.
Choose a trusted bookmaker/casino In Bangladesh, sports betting is legal. Kabaddi is one of the most popular sports in betting. We recommend making bets only on licensed gambling websites. Mostbet is a reliable bookmaker with a guarantee of payouts; money is accepted in national currency.

Is online Kabaddi betting legal?

Online Kabaddi betting is legal in many places around the world including Bangladesh. Kabaddi is one of the most popular sports in betting. We recommend making bets only on licensed gambling websites. Mostbet is a reliable bookmaker with a guarantee of payouts; money is accepted in national currency.

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